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May 23 2018

May 22 2018

Sometimes I think about changing my URL to something cool like “hddleston” but then I’m like no cheers is a brand and I am cheers and cheers is me and I get conflicted

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May 20 2018

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Tom Hiddleston by Charlie Gray (2015)

May 17 2018

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Tom Hiddleston photographed by Eric Ray Davidson for Esquire UK in 2016. via Torrilla

Whose idea WAS this? Did he excitedly volunteer to launch himself into the pool? Was Eric like “hey this may be cool”? Did Ilaria say “no, please, jump into the pool in this designer suit I got for you and let my hubby photograph it”??? HOW DID THIS OCCUR

Domestic Bliss


TITLE OF STORY: Domestic Bliss


AUTHOR: teacuphiddlesfics
GENRE: Fluff
FIC SUMMARY: Thomas and Amanda make a trip to the grocery store.
AUTHOR NOTE: I just really wanted to write some fluff. Check out the entire twins universe here.

“What should we do for dinner?” Amanda opened the fridge, frowning when she found the bare minimum.

“Uhhhhh,” Thomas scratched the back of his neck. He knew the state of the kitchen, knew it was pointless as Amanda checked the shelves for something to salvage for dinner.

Turning, Amanda raised an eyebrow. “When was the last time you went shopping?”

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May 16 2018

May 14 2018

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TOM HIDDLESTON | ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ World Premiere, Los Angeles / April 23, 2018

May 11 2018

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You’re my brother and my friend. Sometimes I’m envious but never doubt that I love you.

May 10 2018

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Behind the Scenes of Thor: Ragnarok

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May 09 2018

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Here’s my video for the 35k Q&A thing I set up!! Thank you so much if you sent in a question, this video is p long because there were a good amount of them! Thanks for y’all’s continued support and if you watch all the way through on this thing, wow you’re awesome.

May 08 2018

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The Hollow Crown

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You lied to me. I’m impressed.

May 07 2018



Alright guys so, I want to do something kinda fun and different to commemorate hitting 35k of y’all because seriously… why are there so many of y’all?? It BAFFLES me

Anyway I was thinking about doing a quick Q&A vid?? It would basically be me shitposting, but in video form! Wont that be exciting!

If you have any desire to partake in such antics, check out this google form (so I won’t have to sort through asks). Feel free to literally ask me anything - about tom, about me, about my opinions on the world - and I’ll try to answer most everything.

Cool. Great. Please send me Qs so I can give y’all As. Amazing. Love y’all

Hey my peeps if you wanna keep sending my questions till like, tomorrow night? That’d be RAD and pls send some because right now there’s hardly any so yeah thanks friends

last day my people!!! I appreciate ALL the questions and I’ll try and make the video tomorrow if anyone has any left they wanna ask today!

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Tag yourself I’m Loki

May 06 2018

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