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January 31 2018

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Hello Hiddlesbums!

Another year, another #hiddlesweek

As we’re running a little late for this year’s hiddlesweek we’ve decided to go with last year’s prompts!

As a reminder here they are:

Day One (Feb 3rd): Favorite Trait/Quirk (tagged as “twh: trait”)

  • Physical traits or quirks such as “the lip thing,” “talking with hands,” are some examples of this, but there is no set limit to what counts as a “quirk.” Could also include verbal quirks such as “Bless you” or “sorry,” but again, these are simply suggestions. Some traits may include a personally trait, for example, his kindness, or others, like his tendency to dance or his laugh.

Day Two (Feb 4th): Favorite Interview (tagged as “twh: interview”)

  • Nerd HQ, Time Talks 2012 or 2015, Muse of Fire, Jenelle Riley - Tom’s a talkative man, and there’s a lot of interviews where he does exactly that. Which one did he say your favorite quote? Or tell your favorite story, maybe answer a question you’d been wondering for a while? This day is open for long interviews like Popcorn Taxi or even little ones like videos from the Avengers promo.

Day Three (Feb 5th): Favorite Outfit/Look (tagged as “twh: look”)

  • This day is for your favorite outfit, look, hairstyle, etc. of Tom’s. If you enjoy him in a suit the most, maybe Victorian ones, or perhaps you like Jonathan Pine’s casual wear, that’s what you can make the post about. If you absolutely love his ginger hair, that’s another option. It’s up to you. Since there isn’t a specific photoshoot prompt this year, you can chose to highlight your favorite photoshoot if there is a certain one that’s your favorite!

Day Four (Feb 6th): Favorite Role (tagged as “twh: role”)

  • Any of Tom’s roles apply to this prompt. Theatre, film, television, or even radio if you would like to make an audio post. Is it Thomas Sharpe, or Loki, or Coriolanus? Show us which role holds your heart.

Day Five (Feb 7th): Role You’d Like to See Him In (tagged as “twh: fan role”)

  • Maybe Tom hasn’t done what you’d really like to see him in yet! Dying to see him as Richard III in a Shakespeare production, or Percy in the Scarlet Pimpernel? What about Bond. James Bond. Show us which role you want to see him in! Think of it as an AU day.

Day Six (Feb 8th): Favorite Quote (tagged as “twh: quote”)

  • Pretty self explanatory. Can be either a quote from Tom or one of his characters.

Day Seven (Feb 9th): Happy 37th Birthday! (tagged as “twh: bday”)

  • It’s Tom’s birthday!! That means that it’s time to celebrate! Make whatever you want to wish him an excellent year! On this day we will also be reblogging miscellaneous posts that are not tagged as “hiddlesweek” but are in celebration of his birthday.

If you’re not a content creator, worry not! You can contribute by sharing the love on the posts or sharing the word or donating to UNICEF!

8 days to go!

To learn more about what is hiddlesweek and why it exists go here :D

January 29 2018

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January 28 2018

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Today Universal was exposed to me in all my glory as I carried around this umbrella

January 17 2018

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“What did you say?”

January 16 2018

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Good morning y’all! I think it’s a good day for some fun right?

Lionsgate sent me a few movie posters for the Early Man US run last week, and considering I have no idea what else to do with them, I’m gonna host a giveaway for one of them! (”m keeping to two I got with Lord Nooth on them, I’m sorry!!) It’s a 13in X 20in poster with Dug and Hognob on it looking adorable.

To enter: Just be following me, and reblog this post as many times as you like until 5pm EST on January 19th. Open internationally, but you must be willing to provide me a valid shipping address, and have some form of communication open on your blog so that I can reach out to you! Winner will have 24 hours to respond before I randomly select another.

Thank y’all and I hope whoever gets this enjoys it! 


January 12 2018

Pardon me but does anyone else hate the new gradients for pictures that haven’t loaded on mobile

January 05 2018

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Tom Hiddleston photographed by Steven Klein for Interview Magazine.

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We all impose limits on ourselves. We think, “There’s the ceiling, and that’s as far as I can go.” Then something happens and it changes everything. TWH
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Maybe it’s just getting older. You become so palpably aware this is not a dress rehearsal. There’s a big sign in blazing neon that says, “You haven’t got long.” But I think it takes a beat to learn that. Life has to knock you down in order for you to realize it, because when you’re a kid you think you’re immortal.
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Tom Hiddleston and Susanne Bier attend a screening of The Night Manager at Berlinale.

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